HeartVoice Testimonials

Over the past 35 years, thousands of people seeking personal growth, life transformation, or business improvement have received practical support from HeartVoice. Here are testimonials from some who have experienced genuine transformation and created sustainable change in their individual or organizational lives:

"Your work is so deep and profound. You create the space and the energy so that those who come to you can hear. As you support people, you also support those who are close to them. I celebrate all the work you have done with me over the years. You are truly a warrior for love. Nothing is more important in the world than that."
Denise Bevza, New London, CT

"Thanks again for your lively, enjoyable, and productive assistance. We gained a lot from our time together . . . we are both feeling much lighter and optimistic that we can have a good business, do some good in the world, and actually enjoy ourselves in the process. You have a real talent and grounded way of helping people move ahead. Thanks for sharing it with us."
Wheaton and Eileen Griffin, Guilford, CT

"After only a few sessions, I feel like I have meaning in my life again. I'm beginning to feel content and happy."
R.K., North Haven, CT

"I found David's interventions to be professional, insightful, and knowledgeable in the areas of stress and change management. His wealth of tools and skills enables him to quickly assess organizational structures and design individually prescribed programs to ameliorate any problematic area."
Stephen A. Glass, Hartford, CT

"David is extremely sensitive to both individual and group needs. He leads people to insights, which allow them to gently move toward the changes necessary to manage stress."
Nancy Murray, Branford, CT

"Thank you for an excellent and inspiring program. Your presentation was both informative and humorous, making it quite enjoyable to sit through. I would be very happy to have you back. Thanks again!"
Maria Poirier, Cheshire, CT

"Many thanks for your program. Everyone came away from the session feeling very positive about their ability to change or cope with stresses at work and at home. I have never heard our staff more enthusiastic about a program than their response to yours. We'd love to have you come again!"
Leslie Scherer and Karen Roesler, Wallingford, CT

"David's direct involvement resulted in better communication and a more spirited organization. He is caring, talented, and a consummate professional committed to achieving his clients' objectives."
Anthony Colavolpe, East Haven, CT

"David was extremely helpful in creating a formula that expedited positive change in my methods of doing business. I feel my association with him is most beneficial and I will continue to utilize his expertise to enhance my business."
Melvin Cooper, Hamden, CT


If you have any questions, please contact me. Thank you for your time and interest.

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