Overview of Programs

Both Heartvoice Programs, HeartVoice Healing and Living Your HeartVoice, share a foundation in the critical development of personal Presence.

When you are Present and connected with your HeartVoice, you begin to discover your possibilities for inspired living, and your choices reflect this life-transforming experience!

In order to deliberately make these valued choices to do and have what you want, you need comprehensive, proven support for successful, lasting change.

If you believe you are in need of energy healing, personal growth, life transformation, work reassessment, or mentoring, you may find that you connect with the HeartVoice Programs on a very deep level.

HeartVoice Programs are available in various individual and group on-site, online, or phone formats with Dave DePalma. For specific information about the ways to optimally support you or your group, please feel free to contact me.

To learn more about the essential HeartVoice philosophy, we invite you to read these excerpts from Remembering Your HeartVoice: The Guidebook by clicking here.

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HeartVoice Healing Program

The three interconnected phases of this Program represent a progression of healing that you can engage according to your own pace and your specific needs for support. The phases are:

Remembering Your HeartVoice: Self-Awareness

  • Acknowledging and releasing your pain, limiting habits, and triggers
  • Developing and installing your desired beliefs and aspirations
  • Taking skillful, supportive actions
  • Coming home to your authentic self

Loving Your HeartVoice: Self-Acceptance

  • Resting and recovering
  • Overcoming self-criticism
  • Enhancing self-love
  • Dreaming

Expressing Your HeartVoice: Self-Expression

  • Developing practical skills and tools
  • Making free choices
  • Applying heart-based principles to your daily life
  • Creating, achieving, and sustaining inspired possibilities

For more information on how you can take the first steps to make the creative changes you want in your life with the HeartVoice Healing Program, please read more.

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Living Your HeartVoice Program

The purpose of this Program is to help you enjoy an inspired, living legacy every day. The three components of the Living Your HeartVoice: Your Inspired Legacy Program are:

Designing Your Inspired Legacy

  • Imagining a legacy that reflects your values, purpose, aspirations, and choices in daily inspired living

Building Your Inspired Legacy

  • Establishing the resources, assets, and means to achieve your values, purpose, aspirations, and choices in your living legacy

Sustaining Your Inspired Legacy

  • Supporting and maintaining the expression of your values, purpose, aspirations, and choices in your inspired legacy for yourself and for others now, and in the future

For more information on Living Your HeartVoice: Your Inspired Legacy, please contact me.

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