David J. DePalma, PhD

Since childhood, Dave has been intrigued by growth and change in nature and all living beings. Eventually, he focused this interest in his study of human life span changes, and received his PhD in developmental psychology from Michigan State University.

For over 35 years, he has successfully supported individuals, families, and organizations to transform growth crises into opportunities for healthy change.

Throughout these diverse contexts, Dave's purpose has been consistent: To provide practical tools that cultivate acting skillfully, being fully present, and feeling joyful in everyday life.

The primary intention of these skills is to help people experience a deep sense of coming home to the authentic or essential self. With Dave's guidance, people reconnect with their HeartVoice, and nurture and express this connection through self-sustaining, life-transforming creative change. The consistent practice of these skills reveals the secret to long-lasting happiness.

Throughout his career, Dave has been a visionary in his academic research, writings, and teaching in whole person, preventive health. Over 25 years ago, he directed a yoga center in Texas, co-founded the first comprehensive pain management program in southern New England, and established a wholistic education, counseling, and consultation practice, the Center for Creative Change.

In healthcare, education, and business, Dave has collaborated with local and national corporations and non-profit organizations to develop creative, hands-on programs in such areas as communication skills, core values, future vision, systems thinking, community building, professional development, and team learning.

As a facilitator, Dave has conducted many dynamic personal growth workshops in stress and resiliency, spirituality and personal growth, meditation, energy healing, whole person health, mentoring, self-help, and related topics. He co-created several intensive groups including the Self-Mastery, LifeWorks: The Way of the Heart, and the Energetic Painting programs.

With his team, he also co-authored an innovative series of books for teachers, students, and parents called Life Skills: Dealing with Change in a Complex World.

As a practitioner in human development, personal growth, and the healing arts, and a licensed psychologist, Dave is the Director of HeartVoice with a private practice in Connecticut.

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